Create Wellness La Jolla | Detox Program
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Detox Program

Toxins surround us daily and we are often exposed through our food, air, and water. These toxins can be stored in the tissues and cells in our bodies for years and have long-term effect on our metabolism, immune system and can lead to chronic disease. Although the human body has processes to eliminate toxins, overexposure or decreased organ function prohibit these systems from working effectively. Poor health, diet and nutrition can also lead to an accumulation of toxins in the body which in turn can lead to more health problems. The cycle is endless but it can be reversed through proper detoxification.

At Create Wellness, we offer a targeted metabolic detoxification program that supports the elimination of unwanted chemicals in your body. We often tell our patients to skip the juice cleanse because research shows that it can lead to muscle wasting and will only reach a superficial level of toxins, instead of the numerous deeply rooted ones that contribute to poor health. Our detox program includes a guided eating plan and nutritional supplements that don’t leave you hungry. The supplements will provide vital nutrients while releasing and eliminating toxins, metabolizing heavy metals, and supporting the body towards alkalization. The program is easy to follow and often leads to increased energy, improved sleep, balanced hormones, and natural weight loss. Join hundreds of our patients who have successfully completed this detox program.