Create Wellness La Jolla | FAQs
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Many of our services are not covered by insurance companies. If you are receiving acupuncture, it may be covered depending on your out-of-network benefits and deductible status. Payment is due on the day of each visit, however we can provide you with an itemized superbill complete with codes necessary for submission to your health insurance for reimbursement. Please call the phone number on the back of your health insurance card for information on your out-of-network acupuncture coverage. We do not guarantee insurance coverage or reimbursement.
We will be able to answer specific questions about your prognosis and expected progress during the new patient evaluation. Over the first couple treatments we will establish a baseline for how your body responds to treatment.Our treatment model is based upon the three phases of healing: relief, corrective, and maintenance.In the relief phase, we focus on alleviating symptoms while simultaneously addressing the underlying cause of the symptoms. Once the symptoms have decreased or been eliminated, the treatments will then focus on restoring physiological function. When signs and tests confirm that health is restored, we help you create an individualized plan to maintain your health and prevent imbalances from reoccurring.
Please arrive well hydrated and fed. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and try to avoid strenuous activity immediately following your treatment. If you are receiving NAET treatments, be prepared to follow dietary guidelines in accordance with the NAET Guidebook for 25 hours after your session.cordion Sample Description
Certain drugs and health conditions may be contraindicated with herbal medicine, however, your acupuncturist will only prescribe herbs that are safe and suitable. Most herbal medicines and supplements should be taken several hours apart from prescription drugs. Check with your medical provider if you have any questions. Always make sure that your health forms have an accurate and complete list of all medicines/supplements that you are taking.escription