Melody Darvish


  • ♦ Bachelor of Arts (BA) from University of California, Irvine
  • ♦ Juris Doctor (JD) from University of San Diego
  • ♦ Certified in First Line Therapy, a lifestyle program


  • ♦ Graduating Cum Laude
  • ♦ Passing the California Bar exam- taking the exam is an achievement in itself!

Melody Darvish


About Me:

  • ♦ I believe in having a healthy sense of adventure and being open to trying new things
  • ♦ One of my favorite movies is The Count of Monte Cristo. The story is a perfect combination of action, revenge, and love. I still have yet to read the book, but it’s on my list!
  • ♦ My most memorable trip was to Machu Picchu in Peru. From trying Peruvian ceviche, drinking Coca tea, hiking Inca ruins and mountains, petting llamas, to admiring the colorful traditional clothing- it was a magical experience to remember

My Roles At The Clinic Are:

  • ♦ Guiding patients through their health journey
  • ♦ Involvement in community outreach
  • ♦ Providing in-house legal counsel
  • ♦ Continuing the legacy of the clinic

I Joined Create Wellness Because…

  • I was impressed with the impact of the clinic and visionary approach founded by Dr. Roya Nikzad. This clinic is the first of its kind and has evolved throughout the years to continue providing progressive therapies. Create Wellness is not only changing the lives of patients, but also transforming the healthcare practice.
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