Monia McLaughlin


  • ♦ Licensed by the State of California Board of Registered Nursing
  • ♦ Basic Life Support (BLS) certification for healthcare workers
  • ♦ Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification


  • ♦ Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • ♦ Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences, Health Science with an Emphasis in Community Health Education  

Monica McLaughlin

Registered Nurse

I Became A nurse Because...

At the age of 18, I suffered an unexpected back injury. Like many patients, the physical pain of my injury was compounded by the fear and uncertainty I felt navigating the treatment process. Thankfully I was surrounded by conscientious nurses during my care that inspired me to pursue my current calling. I have been passionate about caring for others ever since, and I have had a rewarding career working in Emergency and Urgent Care medicine. I strive to provide kind, supportive, and compassionate care, and to treat people as I would treat a member of my own family. Combining my experience in conventional medicine with a natural health approach is an exciting way to continue caring for people and to help them achieve their best version of whole-body health and wellness.

I Love To Treat...

  • ♦ People of all ages and walks of life with any variety of conditions

About Me:

  • ♦ I went sky diving to see if I was afraid of heights. It was confirmed that I am indeed afraid of heights, but it was still an incredible experience.
  • ♦ I have lived on three islands.
  • ♦ If I was not a nurse, I would love to be an interior designer or an architect; I love old homes with lots of character. However, if you ask my family, my original dream as a child was to be an astronaut.
  • ♦ I have a beautiful little boy, a wonderful husband, and a sweet dog. I love hiking and being outdoors with my family especially in the mountains or near any lake or ocean.

My Roles At The Clinic Are:

  • ♦ To provide support to the body’s own healing abilities through administration of IV therapies.

I Joined Create Wellness Because…

  • I believe personalized medicine leads to a more balanced state of health. Dr. Roya Nikzad’s whole body approach to wellness guides patients to a healthier and happier way of living. Providing support to the body’s innate healing capabilities through IV therapy is an excellent way to attain overall wellness, and I am proud to be a part of that journey with our patients. 
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