When you wake up with a knee ache that makes you feel instability and weakness when standing and walking? What’s the healthiest thing to do? What is the best and more natural knee pain treatment? This blog post will tell you essential information about a significant discovery in natural healing called regenerative therapy for knee pain relief.

You should also know that our natural health clinic, Create Wellness, specializes in effective research-based therapies to provide joint pain relief.

Where Does Knee Pain Come From?

Osteoarthritis is a condition that occurs when there is a deterioration of the cartilage that covers the knee bones bringing swelling and stiffness. Because the cartilage that functions as a cushion starts to fail, the bones then rub against each other, resulting in limited mobility, severe pain and constant discomfort.

Fortunately, medical advancements have given us regenerative therapy, a proven form of osteoarthritis treatment. Regenerative medicine provides techniques and injections that promote the knee to repair itself naturally.

Let’s look in more detail at how you can alleviate your pain and enjoy the benefits of this new treatment.

What is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy is a non-surgical form of medicine that stimulates undeveloped cells in the tissues to grow and replace deteriorated ones through a regrowth process. This therapy promotes and facilitates the development of new cells and tissues, including cartilage, to replace the damaged ones. Regenerative therapy is a scientifically proven and research-based therapy acknowledged in the medical community worldwide. It has been proven to relieve not only knee but also shoulder, back, and other joint pain.

What are the Signs That You Need Regenerative Therapy?

Usually, knee pain is caused by osteoarthritis. If you are experiencing severe and uncomfortable pain around your shoulder, back, or knees, you can benefit from regenerative therapy.

Other symptoms that might suggest that you need regenerative therapy are:

  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness
  • And swelling in the joints

How Does Regenerative Therapy Work?

Researchers confirm that when applied to an arthritic joint, regenerative therapy injections help develop needed cartilage cells, suppress inflammation that can make arthritis worse, and release proteins (cytokines) that slow down cartilage degeneration. In simple terms, it’s an anti-inflammatory treatment that will help to support and cushion the knee joint. As part of a holistic treatment at Create Wellness, we inject a regenerative product containing a broad spectrum of healing components and anti-inflammatory properties, including growth factors and hyaluronic acid, into the joint. These healing components naturally occur in your body, but they decline with osteoarthritis or age. These regenerative therapy injections will cushion and support joint functioning while re-establishing integrity to the joint structure. 

What are the Advantages of Regenerative Therapy?

For more than a decade, doctors worldwide have successfully implemented regenerative therapy for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, joint injuries, and other painful conditions.

Regenerative medicine has brought patients the following well-being advantages over surgery and other traditional methods:

  • Avoiding expensive and painful surgery
  • Bypassing long-term rehabilitation
  • And saving themselves from dependency on pain medications and dangerous steroids side effects.

San Diego Regenerative Medicine

There are some requirements for a person to be eligible for regenerative medicine. We’d love to talk to you to confirm you’re a good candidate to receive this holistic, innovative and effective treatment. Please visit us at Create Wellness natural health center in La Jolla. We specialize in effective research-based therapies that can improve your body’s natural healing process. Make an appointment by clicking here or call (858) 202 0322.

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