Create Wellness La Jolla | New Patients
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We welcome you in joining the Create Wellness family where every patient is treated with compassion and dedication.
Dr. Jared Taylor performs all new patient evaluations. We set aside the time to get to know you and understand your health concerns. During your hour long new patient evaluation, Dr. Taylor will thoroughly explore your health history, review any previous lab work, and determine the underlying causes of the symptoms. The purpose of the evaluation is to develop a customized treatment plan that will guide you to the appropriate provider and therapies. You may be ordered lab testing and prescribed supplements if needed. We are excited to meet you and work together in achieving your health goals!

Step 1:

The first step to getting started is to schedule your new patient evaluation. Click on the link below, select Dr. Jared Taylor and the 60 minute New Patient visit.

Step 2:

Complete your new patient forms thoroughly. The forms will be sent by email prior to your appointment and will also be available to download from your patient portal.

Step 3:

Gather previous lab testing, images, or anything else that would be helpful to review during your appointment. Bring these along with the completed forms to the appointment. You can also upload them to your account through the patient portal.

Step 4:

It can be difficult to locate our clinic the first time around, but we have provided step by step directions on finding our clinic here. Parking is free in any unmarked spot. Please read the provided directions carefully and feel free to contact us if you need assistance at (858) 202-0322.

New patient appointments must be canceled and rescheduled 48 business hours in advance otherwise you will automatically be charged for the appointment in full. If you are scheduled on a Monday, the clinic must be notified by the Thursday prior before the appointment time.