Genetic testing represents a progressive and truly personalized practice of medicine. Testing for certain genetic variations can help assess your risk for potential health conditions and can be beneficial in proactively addressing any area of susceptibility. Although we may face challenges with our genetic makeup, research has shown that our health is not predetermined or unchangeable. Our genes may be fixed, but they can turn on and off depending on our lifestyle choices.  This concept is known as Epigenetics or the study of how lifestyle and environment influence the expression of our genes.

Through advanced training and years of clinical experience, Dr. Roya Nikzad is one of the few practitioners across the country with this specialized knowledge and she has developed an NAET protocol to address genetic variations. Over 200 healthcare professionals from around the world listened to Dr. Nikzad’s lecture regarding her testing methods and approach at the NAET Symposium in 2016. NAET practitioners are utilizing Dr. Nikzad’s expertise in managing patient cases from a genetic standpoint.

With the ability to decode test results and apply the principles of Epigenetics, Dr. Nikzad can work with you to create a personalized treatment, lifestyle, or supplement plan. For more information regarding our genetic testing and interpretation, please contact our clinic at (858) 202-0322.

NAET Practitioner San Diego
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