• ♦ Bachelor of English Kennesaw State University
  • ♦ Master’s: Pacific College of Health and Sciences
  • ♦ Doctorate: Pacific College of Health and Sciences


  • ♦ Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine DACM
  • ♦ United State Army Master Fitness Trainer
  • ♦ Credentialed with United Health Care, Ash and MedRisk


  • ♦ Specialized with Orthopedic Acupuncture 
  • ♦ D1 Collegiate Track and Field Athlete 400m dash
  • ♦ Coding and Billing Seminar with American Acupuncture Council

Dr. james Verdi


I became a provider because...

  • My desire to heal using acupuncture and Chinese medicine was born out of a passion to optimize movement. I’ve trained extensively in a variety of martial arts and competed collegiately as a D1 Track and Field 400m sprinter. This led to me becoming a California Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders causing pain and limited range of motion throughout the body. My journey with movement led me to realize that overall-being is a process which requires awareness, prevention, and healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This inspired me to find a healing modality which would allow me to share my passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle filled with activity. I obtained specialized training in orthopedics, sports medicine, and mental / emotional disorders. I believe patients benefit when their well-being considers all aspects of their overall health. Using the strengths of both Eastern and Western philosophies is part of my practice in treating the root cause of a condition. My commitment is to optimize movement with my patients and also within myself. You can catch me fire spinning along the banks of mission bay or performing on the rooftop of Trilogy Sanctuary on the night of the full moon. I love rollerblading on the boardwalk near the ocean with friends and sprinting on the sands of pacific beach as the sun sets.

About Me:

  • I moved across the U.S. from my hometown in Georgia to follow my passion in San Diego without visiting first when I was 28 years old. Sometimes I like to perform as a fire spinner at events around Southern California. In college my passion was Track and Field. I was really hoping to qualify for trials when they were held in London for the 400m Dash, it would have been amazing!

i love to treat...

  • ♦ Pain and Neuropathy 
  • ♦ Mental and emotional imbalances 
  • ♦ Gastrointestinal imbalances 

My Roles At The Clinic Are:

  • ♦ Diagnose and treat patients through a variety of treatment modalities within my scope as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine 
  • ♦ Effectively and efficiently communicate with a team of practitioner’s to provide full spectrum integrative healthcare to patients 
  • ♦ Administrative tasks to include charting, educating and frequent meetings to consistently improve our patient care 

I Joined Create Wellness Because…

  • I align with Create Wellness and their overall mission to provide affordable integrative healthcare to as many people as possible. The systems in place to treat patients effectively and efficiently reflect years of experience and practice. 
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