• ♦ Associate in Science Orange County  Community College
  • ♦ Pilates Sports Center Pilates Instructor Program Mat & Reformer
  • ♦ AFPA Holistic Health Coaching Certification Program 
  • ♦ AFPA Holistic Nutritionist Certification Program 
  • ♦ RWS-Level 1; Holistic Gut Health Practitioner 


  • ♦ Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • ♦ Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • ♦ Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • ♦ Certified Pilates Instructor


  • ♦  Helped over 50 people heal their gut and take control over their health
  • ♦ Completed over 350 hours in continued wellness, mindset, lifestyle & business coaching education
  • ♦ Personally overcame chronic illness with holistic healing modalities via 10+  years of my own research, experience and education

leah haloi


  • After spending a large part of my life struggling with my health without any support or guidance, I realized how much that would have changed my healing journey for the better. Chronic digestive issues like SIBO and candida manifested into hormonal imbalances, severe acne, weak immune system and anxiety from childhood into my teen years. When I finally discovered functional medicine, the power of healing the body from the inside out with a major focus on gut healing – my life completely changed. Since then, it has been my passion to help guide and educate other people throughout their healing journey every step of the way, so they can be successful and empowered with their health and life goals.

About Me:

  • Originally born and raised in New York in the Hudson Valley, I am and always will be an East Coast girl! (Although the West Coast has grown on me) I love hiking, camping, and trying new things outside of my comfort zone. I have a lot of experience working with wildlife, and actually worked as a wildlife caretaker in NY being hands on and helping rehabilitate everything from owls to snakes. After going to school for Wildlife Biology and applied sciences, I continue my education and plan to complete my masters degree in science someday soon. My pride and joy is my four year old daughter and my wonderful husband. We have three dogs, one cat, one lizard and we like to pack them all in the car (minus the lizard) for long road trips into the mountains. You can catch me drinking Oli-Pops, teaching pilates, weight lifting and bird watching around San Diego!

My Roles At The Clinic Are:

  • Closely supporting patients  along their healing journeys. Education is extremely important, so a big part of what I do is informing patients of their healing options and discovering what works best for them to help them be successful. I am the go to person if you have questions about your supplements, healing plan, nutrition, coaching, or additional resources you may be looking for. I’m a big problem solver and I love to help uncover obstacles that might be in the way of you healing, and come up with a plan that compliments your protocol from your provider. You can also find me always doing research on how our clinic can continue to operate as smoothly as it does, and implementing all the goods! That means I am also the person you can go to with any feedback you may have 🙂 You might catch me on the phone or working the front desk occasionally too. 

I Joined Create Wellness Because…

Not only is Create Wellness extremely established – it is for good reason. After seeing a position open at this clinic, I jumped at the opportunity to work here. Dr. Nikzad has such an incredible reputation, and I was really astounded by all of the people she has helped with her expertise. When I finally got to meet her and the rest of the team, I felt right at home. I knew this was a place that truly cared for patients, and I was excited to be around providers and team members with such experience, knowledge and intention. It has been wonderful working here and I feel so lucky!

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