• ♦ University of Miami 
  • ♦ Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


  • ♦ California Acupuncture Board 
  • ♦ BS in Exercise Psychology 


  • ♦ Cranio-Sacral Therapy Certification 

Masha ioffe


I became a provider because...

The wounded healer is my story. I have dealt with ambiguous “idiopathic” health issues since I was a baby.  I went through the Western system of diagnosing my ailments for many years without any results.  Alternative and integrative medicine started to intrigue me after I did an internship in college at an Acupuncturists office and with blind faith I decided to enroll in Acupuncture school.  I spent so many years prior diving deep in the google rabbit hole and it was exciting to be taught this ancient medicine and watch the way it has helped so many people. 

About Me:

  • My favorite athletic activity is rock climbing! I’ve been doing it for 13 years. I also love teaching Improv theatre classes. I have a younger sister who is 18 years younger than me! 

i love to treat...

  • ♦ Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • ♦ Emotional Disorders 
  • ♦ Orthopedic Modalities

My Roles At The Clinic Are:

  • ♦ Acupuncturist 
  • ♦ Room Organizer 🙂
  • ♦ Your emotional support system

I Joined Create Wellness Because…

  • I joined Create Wellness because it is a great opportunity to watch integrative medicine in action.  I love being able to collaborate with different specialists to create the ultimate healing experience for clients coming in.  Its also been very exciting seeing so many different cases and really put all my knowledge to practice. 
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