NAD IV Services in La Jolla

Restore the very essence of you! The newest breakthrough in IV infusion might help your body to kickstart cellular repair mode, clean house of inner damage, and rejuvenate your energy. Achieve cognitive clarity, increase your mood and safeguard your unique genetic makeup.

Let Create Wellness become part of your wellness journey and help turn back the hands of time.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ is naturally present in each cell of the body. It plays an important role in most different systems throughout the body, including maintaining muscle function and tone, energy production, supporting healthy cell growth, stabilizing tissue damage, and overturning damage to the mitochondria.

NAD also lengthens and repairs telomeres—the protective caps at the end of the DNA—that slow how fast the body ages.

The natural level of NAD present in the body lowers over time. Specific factors could increase that process, including sleep problems, stress, drug use, environmental factors, etc.

Restoring the NAD in your body can help strengthen your health in numerous ways. It may help strengthen your metabolism and fight age-related illnesses. It may also enhance cognitive function. Early research is encouraging for NAD’s role in reversing neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

How Can You Benefit from NAD IV Therapy?

Benefits from NAD+ include the following:

·         Fights fatigue

·         Lessens inflammation

·         Reverses the signs of aging

·         Protect brain cells

·         Mitochondrial function

·         Overall wellness

·         Addiction recovery

Adding NAD IV therapy as part of the health optimization plan helps guarantee that you get the possible benefits from that coenzyme. With this method, the body will absorb the highest number of supplemental coenzymes and turn them into energy.

How NAD IV Work

NAD+ involves a higher dose of IV infusion that goes straight into the bloodstream. IV drip enables NAD to bypass the digestive system leading to higher absorption. NAD+ also works quickly to fix cells throughout the body and within the brain’s neurons.

When NAD levels are raised, cells generate more energy. DNA is repaired, and most other functions throughout the brain and body are optimized. Create Wellness and its staff have been experienced and trained to handle NAD IV therapy.

NAD+ therapy is often suggested for people who complete high-intensity athletics to improve their endurance and performance. It can also be used by people dealing with age-related illnesses. The therapy can also be useful for healthy people who want to optimize their bodily functions.

Learn More About NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy is a highly helpful medical treatment that anyone can use to optimize their wellness and health. Our bodies generate NAD+, and we generate less of it as we age. Therefore, most of the symptoms we feel while we are because of loss of NAD+.

Through that revolutionary form of IV therapy, you can fight most of the nagging symptoms of aging and restore the focus and energy you need.

At Create Wellness we provide NAD+ IV therapy services. Feel free to speak with our experienced and friendly medical specialists to learn how we can help you!

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