Nothing says fall quite like Pumpkin Spice, but did you know that all the ingredients in Pumpkin Spice are Chinese Herbs?!

Ingredients in Pumpkin Spice
• Cinnamon (Rou Gui)
• Ginger (Gan Jiang)
• Nutmeg (Rou Dou Kou)
• Cloves (Ding Xiang)
• Allspice (Duo Xiang Guo)

All the herbs are warm to hot in temperature and warm the meridians, which is perfect for the change in the colder weather that the Fall Season brings. The herbs’ associated channels also all include the Spleen/Stomach which indicate that the herbs help regulate and aid in digestion. We are big fans of Pumpkin Spice for all its beneficial properties but always remind our patients to look out for sugar content when buying Pumpkin Spice anything in stores or coffee shops. Our favorite way to enjoy Pumpkin Spice is to add 1-2 teaspoons to unsweetened almond milk and heat on the stove for a warm treat.

Happy Fall!
Dr. Christie Teruel, DACM, LAc

Additional Information about these
Chinese Herbs:

Cinnamon (Rou Gui)
• Associated Meridians: Heart,
Kidney, Liver and Spleen
• Additional Functions: alleviates pain and
encourages generation of qi and blood

Ginger (Gan Jiang)
• Associated Meridians: Heart, Lung, Spleen
and Stomach
• Additional Functions: expels cold, warms
the lungs and transform phlegm

Nutmeg (Rou Dou Kou)
• Associated Meridians: Stomach, Spleen and LI
• Additional Functions: moves qi and stops diarrhea

Cloves (Ding Xiang)
• Associated Meridians: Kidney,
Spleen and Stomach
• Additional Functions: directs qi downward

Allspice (Duo Xiang Guo)
• Associated Meridians: Small
Intestines, Spleen, Stomach,
Large Intestine
• Additional Functions:
invigorates blood

Bensky, D., Clavey, S., & Stöger, E. (2004). Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica. Seattle, WA: Eastland Press.

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