Create Wellness La Jolla | Vitamin Injections
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Vitamin Injections

To function properly, your body requires a certain level of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Nutrient imbalances can seriously affect your well-being, with symptoms such as low energy and brain fog. Long term deficiencies can suppress the immune system, leaving your body susceptible to disease. It is important to obtain as many nutrients as possible from diet and supplementation. However, when diet and nutritional supplements are not enough to achieve proper nutrient levels, our patients turn to vitamin injection therapy. Vitamin injections serve to boost and maintain healthy nutrient levels in the body.

The injection is delivered into the muscle, thus bypassing the digestive tract. This delivery method allows the nutrients to better absorb and take immediate effect. The injections are especially useful for patients with digestive problems or multiple deficiencies. Our healthcare professionals may recommend vitamin injections based on your level of deficiency, symptoms such as low energy, or to assist with a goal such as to burn fat. We carry a variety of high quality nutrients that can meet your needs.